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Transmission Service

The Importance of a Transmission Flush: BG Transmission Service Explained

The transmission system in your vehicle plays an indispensable role in ensuring smooth operations and efficient performance. Its function is not just confined to channeling power from the engine to the wheels, but it also ensures the delivery of power is adjusted based on your speed and road conditions. The significance of the transmission means that its maintenance should never be overlooked. Here at The Garage in Renton, we emphasize the importance of proper and timely transmission service, and we proudly utilize the BG Transmission Service for this very purpose.

Why Your Transmission Needs Special Attention

Transmissions in modern vehicles are continually subjected to high operating temperatures. Every trip in the scorching summer heat, each time you haul heavy cargo or pull a trailer, the transmission is working in high-temperature conditions. Over time, these temperatures take a toll, leading to the breakdown of the transmission fluid. And when this fluid deteriorates, it can no longer provide the necessary lubrication and cooling. This lack of lubrication can lead to the buildup of deposits, corrosion, and the dreaded hard shifting.

The consequences? A compromised, under-performing transmission can not only result in a bumpy ride but can also lead to potential high-cost repairs or even replacement. And since having a vehicle with a reliable transmission is vital for all drivers, it's clear why proper transmission maintenance is crucial.

BG Transmission Service

Here's where BG Transmission Service comes into play. It's a comprehensive solution designed to tackle the issues plaguing today's transmissions. The benefits it offers are myriad:

Extending the Life of Your Transmission:
The service cleans and revitalizes the transmission components, ensuring they last longer.

Restored Transmission Performance:
With the removal of deposits and replenishing of the fluid, the transmission's performance is restored to its optimal state.

Smoother Shifting & Vehicle Operation:
Experience smoother gear shifts and overall improved vehicle operations post-service.

Prevention of Expensive Repairs

Regular maintenance using BG Transmission Service keeps major problems at bay, saving you from hefty repair bills.

When Should You Consider a BG Transmission Service?

  • When the transmission fluid appears dark and contaminated.
  • If your vehicle is frequently used for towing, hauling, or is subjected to other forms of severe operations.
  • If it's been around 30,000 miles since your last transmission service.
  • Whenever you're having any transmission or driveline repairs, it's a good practice to pair it with a BG Transmission Service.

We're here when you need us

Remember, the transmission is the heart of your vehicle's driving capabilities. And like any vital organ, it requires regular care and attention. At The Garage in Renton, we're committed to ensuring that your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently. With the BG Transmission Service, we promise top-tier care for your transmission, guaranteeing optimal performance and longevity.

For more details, or to schedule your next transmission service, reach out to our team of experts. Always remember, it's not just about fixing what's broken; it's about preventing issues before they arise.


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